New Releases

Ring of Fire

Written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore

This song seemed like a natural for this project! I started including this as a cover tune in my shows a couple of years ago. I got the idea from watching the movie Ring Of Fire and Jewel sings it slow. It’s an awesome love song no matter how you cut it. 

We cut it in an open tuning with guitar and bowed bass. I asked my friend Martin Kearns in Atlanta to put piano on it. It was beautiful but on a whim I had Cutch Tuttle play banjo. It worked in ways I had never dreamed…and that’s how we ended up with a banjo track. There are no harmonies just guitar, bass and banjo. It’s probably my favorite on the album. I love the way it’s not what you’d expect and it holds a longing and a true love just like Johnny and June.

Matt’s Candy

Written by Holly Renee Allen

My grandfather Allen was a force to be reckoned with. He was the kind of man who knew all the aspects of freedom and pursued everyone of them. He took up most of the space in any room he entered and my Big Mama seemed to be a wall flower in comparison. Turns out she had an adventurous youth. At some point in my growing up the stories of Matt Edna came to light. The one that made the biggest impression on me as a child was the story of  my Big Mama being a trick rider. ‘’She used to ride the ponies riding upright through the fields” are the lines that set Matt’s Candy to song. The title is from a story where she “pinned a note to her Daddy’s coat saying don’t forget Matt’s candy”, asking her dad to bring candy from town. 

The pair of Luther Gorman Allen and Matt Edna Hatter couldn’t have been more unlikely, yet they had 8 children and over 75 years of marital adventure. I couldn’t be more grateful because they gave me my Daddy and a heritage of Appalachia. I pulled this song out of an old notebook. It was written when I was 17. It’s simple and true, a real live story song taylor made for this record.

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